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Maltipom puppies for sale

Maltipom puppies for sale (OLIVE) is an adorable maltese puppy that loves to romp around and play! This spunky gal is vet-checked and up to date on shots and wormer. She is registered with the AKC and comes with a 1-year health guarantee provided by us If this perfect pooch is the one for you, please contact us today!

Typically a very small dog, the Maltipom has inherited the long coat and the high energy level of both its parents- the Maltese and the Pomeranian.

Maltipom Appearance

Because this is a crossbreed, every puppy could inherit a number of physical characteristics from either of their purebred parents. The coat of the Maltese, for example, is long and silky, and always white. If left to grow to its natural length, a Maltese’s coat can grow all the way to the floor!

They have no undercoat and therefore their fur more like hair and will have some variation of between curly or wavy. The Maltese also have long ears and a long tail, a proportionate body, and bright, dark eyes. These pups tend to shed a bit less than other dogs, while Pomeranians are prone to the usual shedding.

On the other hand, Pomeranians have a fox-like face and pointed ears with round, black eyes and a lot of furs starting from their upper neck down. The Pom has a double coat—the undercoat is short and dense and the outer coat is very long and very thick! And they have an abundantly plumed tail, which is perhaps one of their most notable features.

When it comes to this Maltese Pomeranian mix, your pup could end up with any combination of the above characteristics. In general, though, they will have medium to long hair, and keep a fluffy appearance throughout their lives.